Quantum Genesis: Speculations in Modern Physics and the Truth of Scripture




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Our culture assumes a conflict between science and Scripture—that the world we experience is incompatible with the Bible. Scripture does seem to fit poorly with the world of our experience, but our experience is only an illusion. At our current level of scientific understanding, there is not necessarily any conflict between science and Scripture. Logically, modern physics supports an implication that we live in a world created by God. The world of modern physics is the true world, one that fits very well with the portrayal of Creation in Scripture. Modern physics reveals a world with time and space bound together, bending and stretching to form our universe, an insubstantial world, where what we perceive to be solid matter is only light and shadow in a cloud of possibilities.

In Quantum Genesis, Stuart Allen considers how the current findings in modern physics, including relativity, quantum mechanics, and particle physics, are compatible with Scripture. Believers will be assured that modern science does not contradict Scripture, rather, modern science supports the reality of God and His Creation. Skeptics will find much food for thought as well.


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