Quantum Physics for Beginners: The Simple And Easy Guide In Plain Simple English Without Math (Plus The Theory Of Relativity)




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★★You Don’t Need To Be Einstein To Understand Quantum Physics★★

Understanding the universe and how the space-time continuum affects us must be one of the greatest explorations of mankind… And yet we only understand a fraction of it. There are several different concepts that we learn at school regarding the universe and what it means to us. According to most physics textbooks, we need to understand that most of the different types of occurrences and reactions can be described both scientifically and mathematically.

Life and the universe are complex and are filled with unknown variables. These variables bring about a lot of change that is difficult to predict. Quantum physics is one of the most confusing yet compelling scientific fields known to man. Nothing in science would function without its quantum branch.

The problem is that knowing about quantum physics is one thing, but truly understanding it takes a lot of patience and the understanding of complex mathematical constructs that only college professors would be able to comprehend. Most of us don’t have that sort of time to dedicate our lives to understanding the quantum side of the universe.

This book is here to teach you the basics of quantum physics: String theory, relativity, entanglement, chaos, and the butterfly effect. And, if you’re worried about not knowing if you’re going to understand the mathematics in this book, then fear not… There isn’t any!

This book is written in simple terms and includes some real-life examples that will help you wrap your mind around this difficult concept. I hope that this is going to be the book that will open your eyes and your mind to a whole new set of ideas and a new way of thinking.

Understanding how quantum physics influences your life on a daily basis will change your outlook on many things. In these pages, I hope to help turn the light on for your mind to understand a whole new fascinating side to the universe.


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