Quantum Physics in Minutes: The Easy Guide In Plain Simple English For Beginners Who Flunked Math And Science




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★★Are you looking for the truth about quantum physics?★★

Do you feel like quantum physics is intangible, unintelligible and unattainable? If you’ve answered yes to the above questions, then you are definitely in the right place and holding the right book! This book will help you to understand seemingly-complex concepts such as Schrödinger’s cat, quantum entanglement, and the wave-particle duality.

Fear not! I’ve written this book to specifically address how to best understand the complex world of quantum physics – a science that has more to do with your everyday life than you can imagine.

Have you been to a grocery store and seen a bar scan? Of course you have! Quantum physics! How about LED lights on a Christmas tree? Quantum physics.

The truth is: Quantum physics is all around us, all the time. And, its growth in the science community, technology, and how we live our lives is getting more and more prominent in our world.

In this easy-to-read book, we will cover the basics of quantum physics so that you will be able to satiate your curiosity. Reading this book will provide you with insight into this revolutionary yet esoteric school of physics, that is soon going to take center stage.

Technology is getting better, and it’s due to our advancement in quantum physics. We can only go forward from here, so make sure you jump on the bandwagon before it leaves. Quantum physics is the next best thing since grilled cheese. You will never be lost in a conversation about quantum physics ever again, nor will you ever be lied to, because now that you have this book, the knowledge is within your reach. You will be able to understand quantum physics like never before!

So, what are you waiting for? The beginning of your fantastic journey lies within this book.


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