The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind’s Evolution




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Magnum opus of evolutionary cyberneticist and digital philosopher Alex M. Vikoulov on the ultimate nature of reality, consciousness, the physics of time, philosophy of mind, transhumanism, economic theory, the technological singularity, the extended Gaia theory, the impending phase transition of humanity, the simulation hypothesis, transcendental metaphysics, and God.

In one volume, the author covers it all: from quantum physics to your experiential reality, from the big bang to the omega point, from the “flow state” to psychedelics, from Lucy to the looming AI singularity, from natural algorithms to the operating system of your mind, from geoengineering to nanotechnology, from anti-aging to immortality technologies, from oligopoly capitalism to Star Trek-onomics, from The Matrix to universal mind, from Homo sapiens to Holo syntellectus.

This is an essential listen in digital physics, foundations of quantum physics, science of consciousness, philosophy of mind, physics of time, phenomenology, economic theory, cybernetics and AI research, collective evolution, and self-development in the information age.

Despite a dozen of neologisms, readily explained by given definitions and contextually, the book is an exceptionally easy listen for an intellectual listener. Alongside with the syntellect hypothesis, as the author’s main contribution to the scientific and philosophical dialogue, you’ll encounter the conscious instant hypothesis and the temporal singularity, experiential realism and the mental universe hypothesis in regards to our phenomenological experience; the noocentric model challenging the centuries-old Copernican heliocentric model; the chrysalis conjecture as his solution to the Fermi paradox; D-theory of time, or digital presentism, as his fresh perspective on temporal ontology and the physics of time; the mind-bending digital pantheism argument, exponential evolution, and the omega point cosmo-teleology.


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